Our Mission

The Mission of Holy Family College is to equip students with the greatest potential to succeed both as students and as members of their communities.

Our Vision

The vision of the school is to produce students who are extraordinarily ethical, morally sound and academically exceptional.


When you entrust your children to the care of those who are passionate about their tomorrow, the outcome is always amazing.

Welcome to Holy Family College

Holy Family College Oku-Abak, Abak L.G.A of Akwa Ibom State was established in 1942 by Bishop James Moynagh SPS, then Catholic Bishop of Calabar Diocese as the pioneer secondary school on Annang Soil.

The Principal's Message

Holy Family College, Oku Abak is a CATHOLIC MISSION SCHOOL. As such, the spiritual, academic and moral formation of our students are of paramount importance. While students will NEVER be forced to abandon their faith, all spiritual exercises on campus are done the CATHOLIC WAY and all students are expected to participate fully. By accepting admission into Holy Family College, parents should be aware that they are consenting to the rules and regulations guiding our school.

Our history

Here is a Brief History of Holy Family College, Oku Abak


The non-inclusion of Catholic faithful among the beneficiaries of the Ibibio State Union Scholarships, coupled with the discriminatory admissions policies of schools on the mainland owned by different protestant Churches, gave birth to Holy Family College in 1942.
Under the mentorship of bishp James Moynagh, hofaco was created.


The College celebrated her silver jubilee in 1967. To mark the celebration, a special edition of the college magazine, “The Link” was published.

1971- 2006

After the Nigerian civil war in 1970, the Nigerian government enacted a policy which empowered it to take over all schools established and run by various religious bodies. This period saw a serious deterioration in the physical development and moral standards in the college


Our golden jubilee celebration happened this year. Even though government was still in charge of the management of the school, the church and Old Boys gathered to celebrate the event. The Lagos branch of the Old Boys association led by Mr. Moses Ekpo and Chief Don Etiebet provided major funding for the celebration.


Holy family college was eventually handed back to the Catholic mission in 2006. This takeover saw to a massive infrastructural renaissance. Presently, HOFACO is fully owned, managed and administered by the Catholic Diocese of Ikot Ekpene, with Most Rev. Bishop Camillus R. Umoh as Proprietor.


With the return of the college to the Catholic Diocese of Ikot Ekpene, The school management, Old students and other stakeholders gathered to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of HOFACO. The event which was celebrated between 12th to 13th December 2018, was celebrated with Pomp and pageantry.


The school currenlty headed by the principar, Rev. Fr. Dr. Columbus Archibong, and his amiable team who have restored the glory of the school to fullest height and made holy family not just a school, but a family worth sending your wards to.

News and Events

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Testimonials from our Old Boys